Beach Safety

The Shoalhaven hosts some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches. It’s no wonder Shoalhaven City and Jervis Bay Territory combined attracts an estimated 2.632 million visitors, comprising 2.6 million domestic and 32,000 international visitors.

With this in mind, Shoalhaven City Council is committed to providing our locals and visitors a safe, enjoyable and memorable experience on our beaches. For a list of flagged and patrolled beaches this summer visit the > Shoalhaven City Council website.

Being aware of rip currents is one of the best decisions you will make this summer. is devoted to providing you with all the necessary tools and strategies to stay safe on our beaches. “The beach is one of Australia’s most important and enjoyable features. Everyone will visit the beach at least once in their life and sometimes as often once a week or more. Unfortunately the beach has hidden dangers that you may not be aware of, so it’s important that you follow some simple tips so you can enjoy the beach safely.” (

Get all the tips you need >

Now you have all the tools, tips and strategies, we hope your stay in the Shoalhaven and time on our beaches is full of fun and memories. We wish you a great summer – stay safe and enjoy!


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