Holding an event in the Shoalhaven

There is something always happening in the Shoalhaven. The Shoalhaven provides a wonderful backdrop for a multitude of events and is a very popular area with organisers. The Shoalhaven stages over 1000 events in the City each year.There are numerous shows, festivals, sporting activities and celebrations across the city each year.

Shoalhaven City Council recognises the importance and significance that events have within the local community. Council encourages events that will provide social and economic benefit for the community and have a positive impact on the city. Council is actively involved in the pursuit of sports tourism, click here to find out more about our sports tourism program.

Shoalhaven City Council actively encourages event organisers to ‘green up’ their events and supports events that seek to reduce environmental impacts.

Areas of event sustainability that should be considered include:

  • waste minimisation and recovery
  • reducing energy and water consumption
  • green transport
  • venue selection
  • reducing print material
  • purchasing and procurement
  • carbon management

For information and guidance on how you can improve the sustainability of your event go to Community Events Information Kit (PDF 1MB).

Shoalhaven City Council’s Sustainable Events Policy (PDF 622kb).

Shoalhaven City Council has a dedicated Events Liaison Officer to help event organisers streamline and simplify the process of organising events within the Shoalhaven.

Tourism Unit
Events Liaison Officer (02) 4429 3541 or email to get the process started toward a successful event.

  • Download the 2016 Shoalhaven Visitors Guide
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  • Download the 2016 Shoalhaven Visitors Guide