Working in the Shoalhaven

Thinking of relocating your business? Want a lifestyle change without giving up your career? The Shoalhaven has you covered! Here in the Shoalhaven you are provided with the ultimate destination where you can combine your career and lifestyle to the balance you see fit. Whether you are looking for a sea or tree change or to grow your business or professional career in a natural and family friendly environment, the Shoalhaven is a real alternative.

The Shoalhaven is one of the closest strings of coastal villages to Sydney and contains the Regional Centres of Nowra and Ulladulla. Over the next few years, the Shoalhaven will offer incredible business opportunities. The area has a population over 100,000 – only limited other regional areas in Australia have that size customer and business base – and it remains one of the fastest growing in Australia.

Shoalhaven Labour Market Projection

Here country values meets city sophistication; you can enjoy a great cup of coffee, a fine dining or winery experience, see a play, concert or sporting match, send your kids to good schools, grow your business with quality employees and business networks – and still enjoy a community where people know your name.

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Agriculture and Agribusiness is alive in the Shoalhaven:

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